Are you ready to bring your creative vision to life on the Big screen? Do you dream of directing your own films and captivating audiences with your visual storytelling? If so, then our exclusive Directing Course is perfect for you! 

Why Choose Our Directing Course?

1️. Expert Guidance: Learn from accomplished directors who have made their mark in the film industry. Our experienced mentors will share their invaluable insights, practical techniques, and personal anecdotes, providing you with a wealth of knowledge to elevate your directing skills.

2️. Comprehensive Curriculum: From script analysis and shot composition to casting, production design, and editing, our course covers every aspect of the director’s craft. Gain a deep understanding of storytelling, visual aesthetics, and the nuances of bringing characters to life, ensuring your films resonate with audiences.

3️. Hands-On Experience: Dive into practical exercises and collaborative projects that allow you to apply what you learn in real-world scenarios. Gain hands-on experience in directing actors, managing a film set, and making creative decisions that shape the final product. Our course prepares you for the challenges and triumphs of professional filmmaking.

4️. Technical Mastery: Acquire a strong foundation in technical aspects such as camera operation, lighting, and sound design. Understand the language of cinema and harness the tools at your disposal to create visually stunning and immersive films that leave a lasting impact on your audience.

5️. Industry Insights: Explore the business side of filmmaking, including funding, distribution, and marketing strategies. Learn how to navigate the industry landscape, build relationships, and showcase your work to the world. Our course equips you with the knowledge and networking opportunities to kickstart your career as a director.

 Unleash Your Creative Vision. Make Your Mark on the Film Industry.

Don’t let your passion for storytelling and visual artistry go untapped. Embrace the director’s role and enroll in NBSA Directing Course today! Unleash your creativity, refine your skills, and embark on a transformative journey.


  • Hand-on, practical based.
  • Opportunity to intern with a seasoned industry practitioner and production house.
  • Opportunity to feature as a talent or crew in a sister company ongoing or upcoming production.
  • Gain experience on a location set and/or studio.
"Directing is the art of orchestrating various elements to tell a compelling story."

Kunle Afolayan